Promises Fulfilled

Today was the first day of our 21 days of prayer and fasting. The theme came to the surface as we pressed in to the Lord.

This season is the season of “Promises Fulfilled.”
I know you are about to arise and show your tender love to Zion.
Now is the time, Lord,
for your compassion and mercy to be poured out—
the appointed time has come
for your prophetic promises to be fulfilled!

Psalms 102:13 (Passion Translation NT)

We sought out to consecrate ourselves and draw near this morning. Once again God reminded us that sometimes we strain to gain what we already have! The closeness, the favor, the power, all of it is ours in Christ. He made a way and paid the price. The victory is His. Learning to live and fight from a place of victory is what we are discovering. 
If we have the victory then what are we fighting for? If Jesus did it all then what is left for us to do? 
When it was harvest time farmers called all their friends and family over to help them reap, before modern machinery it was a huge job.  My point is, there is a lot of work to be done to collect promises! The Israelites worked harder to gain the promised land than they worked in the wilderness. Our job in this season is to partner with Jesus collecting the spoil of His victory. Collecting the spoil is gathering souls and expanding territory.
The prodigals were on God’s heart today. If you have a child, relative or friend that is not walking with Jesus or in fellowship call them in today! His word will not come back void but will go out and accomplish the mission. The promises spoken over them will be fulfilled!

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