This past week we visited the site of the Azusa Street Revival on its 113th anniversary. A small group of us went to pray. My heart has always cried out, “God do it again.” I have longed to see the glory of God fall on a group of people for an extended period of time like He did in that place in 1906.

That day, however, God spoke to me. It changed my mindset about the revival and my prayers moving forward. As I was praying this is what I heard.

“I’m doing it again but better, slower and with more maturity and strength.”

This made sense because from what I know about the Azusa revival is that it fizzled out because of a relational immaturity on William Seymours part toward his peers.

God went on, “The missions movement from Azusa has set up this moment in history. A moment where there will be a worldwide move of My Spirit. Azusa set that in motion.”

Whoa! This perspective was revelatory and rocked me. I had no idea this was how God saw it. It wasn’t a failure. It was not a missed opportunity!

We know that many missionaries were called overseas when they encountered God at Azusa. The Pentecostal missionary movement was birthed from that place and is still going strong.

Then He said, “This next Phenomenon will dwarf Azusa. Hundreds, thousands of Seymours are rising up for a time of great awakening! The hearts of those involved and of the leadership are more mature than in 1906.”

I can see that. In the past we have had great men like Billy Graham and others who believed and answered the call, however, they typically stood alone. Today we have hundreds of amazing revivalists on the earth and they are working together! Another thing they are doing which has never happened before is that they are passing on their breakthrough and anointing. For the first time in history the mighty move of God is multiplying with the next generation. As God was speaking I saw a wave of revival go out from Azusa to the ends of the earth then sweep back around to bless the land where it started.

“The Spirit of Azusa is alive and well on the earth today!” He said. I was shocked. I didn’t see it before. Now I see it and I am so excited to be a part of a movement that has grown for over a hundred years and now will culminate in a worldwide awakening.

We are not ‘hoping’ something happens, we are actively participating in making it happen!

Joseph Gil

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